Our Simple, Yet Effective Process.

Delta Rope Access is dedicated to provide diverse range of rope access services and solutions.

All our members of the team are IRATA certified specialists, multi skilled professionals with background from variety of different trades.

We deliver first class service, through innovative and professional approach and excellent craftsmanship.

Every single task is carefully assessed, precisely planned and safely executed with minimum disruption to the surrounding environment.

Delta Teams will deliver every single task well beyond your expectation and build safe working environment along.

We can assess, advise you the best possible solution to any task on your building or structure and offer very competitive prices throughout the country.

01. Think

Every task is assessed and planned carefully. Safety considerations are taken on board. We design Method Statement and Risk Assessment individually for every task.

02. Plan

Team of fully trained IRATA Technicians under the supervision of IRATA L3 is sent on site. We carefully assign s specific trade to the task.

03. Create

Situation on site are assessed and if any circumstances are changed Dynamic Risk Assessment is carried out and recorded

04. Succeed

The job is precisely executed. and client acceptance is obtained

Rope Access / Safety

Delta Rope Access uses the most advanced, ingenious rope access techniques developed for industrial purposes by International Rope Access Trade Association. It is a complete system, where planning, competence, management and appropriate equipment are utilized with identical importance to guarantee a safe system of work.

IRATA is globally recognised and sets standards in training and development which are mandatory for any technician working at height. The system is recognised now by HSE and companies as a practicable, cost efficient, alternative to the traditional methods of access such scaffolding, MEWP’s, etc.

We supply IRATA L3 Supervisor on any project to ensure all tasks will be coordinated and managed with the highest manner. For all the projects we assess, design and create Method Statement and Risk Assessment followed by Dynamic Risk Assessment carried immediately before the work starts.

All our technicians are fully trained and certified with thousands of hours spend on ropes.

Every member of our Team them must be retrained and certified every 3 years.

All the equipment we use is certified, checked before every use and thoroughly examined every 6 months.

Our operations conform to IRATA International Code of Practice, British Standard BS 7985 and ISO 22846

Advantages of Rope Access

  • Versatile (can be used in a vide variety of environments)
  • Quick Access and Set up
  • Cost efficient and Quick (comparing to other methods)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe (better safety records than other means of access)
  • Flexible (sometimes there is no other options for certain tasks)
  • Aesthetics (minimal architectural impact)
  • Minimum disruption to the building, façade and surroundings
  • Non-invasive (there is no damage caused by scaffold ties, or damage grounds, caused by the wheels or tracks of a powered access system.)

What Our Customers Say.


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