Cladding Survey Bristol

Cladding Survey Bristol

Delta Rope Access provides their clients with a bespoke abseil cladding survey service. We are inspecting every aspect of your structure’s exterior cladding in a thorough, professional and quality manner. Whether it is a routine condition assessment, or a focussed examination to investigate and diagnose a fault for repair. The survey will ensure the continued integrity and durability of your structure’s cladding. We customize the survey according to the requirement of the client, conducting the survey across commercial, residential or specialized structures.

Why it’s important to inspect your cladding

The most crucial purpose of a building’s cladding is to create a weatherproof shield around it that inhibits heat loss and seepage of water into the structure. However, it has been seen that in many instances, the cladding may not have been installed in a proper and thorough fashion, therefore it was leading to water leaks, heat loss, while compromising the thermal and structure integrity of the building. Even in the case of perfect cladding, the elements of nature result in a seasonal wear and tear as well, requiring repairs and maintenance. A routine cladding survey of your building is a great way to ensure that your building’s exterior structure is always in good shape. Consequently any potential failure points are identified well in time and repaired, before they become a bigger issue.

High standards of workmanship

With years of experience in the field of industrial rope access, we pride ourselves in setting industry benchmarks for the technical know-how and execution needed to execute complex tasks and surveys. Using the highest quality of industrial rope access techniques allows us to gather as much data on the cladding as possible in the speediest manner, without the high costs that are incurred in other survey techniques such as scaffolding installation. Providing an accurate, thorough and reliable solution to our clients is of paramount importance to us.


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