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Safety nets are essential at all workplaces

Without proper safety precautions construction sites are a disaster waiting to happen. Did you know that almost 40% of fatalities in construction sites are due to falls? Thus, those working at heights are at the greatest risks. It is therefore vital for all construction sites to use proper safety netting to minimize fatal injuries from falls. Safety netting not only protects workers but also civilians and people on the ground by catching any building materials and tools that might slip out of the hands of workers and have the potential to cause life-threatening injuries.

How do safety nets work?

The main function of a safety net is to break a fall and prevent injuries. The net must be strong enough to absorb the impact of the fall and not break under pressure (there have been cases where despite a safety net being in place workers have gotten injured and even died). The next aspect is that the net should be so placed that there are no objects below it which will cause harm to the individual and finally it must be able to deflect sufficiently and not be stiff.

Installation of safety nets

Only trained and knowledgeable technicians must install the nets. The site supervisor must be aware of all the anchor points and maintain enough clearance below the net at all times. The supervisor must ensure that the nets are checked after a fall so that the integrity of the net remains intact. All safety nets must be periodically checked for UV deterioration, cuts, and snags.

How to choose a safety net

One must choose a net based on its application whether outdoors or indoors. A few features that are a must in all nets are UV protection, Mildew resistant, and fire-retardant coating. Usually, safety nets are made from polypropylene and nylon because they are more resistant to chafing and abrasion.

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