London Painting and Render Repairs

Painting and Rendering are crucial for longevity of a structure

A thing of beauty is a joy forever only as long as you ensure that the beauty lasts. While the physical beauty of human beings is not eternal, inanimate things like buildings and furniture can retain their beauty if they are maintained properly and periodically.

Chipping away paint, faded exteriors and exposed brick walls convey a sense of gloom and decay. While it is not visually appealing it also brings down the value of the property in the market. Further, an exterior in shambles will affect the whole structure and invite a host of problems that will end up in costly repairs and renovation.

Exterior rendering and painting are two processes by which you can enhance the beauty of the building and also protect it from the elements.

Why is rendering a must?

It is ideal to repair renders before they blow up into a full-scale problem. In case, you are rendering for the first time you must know that besides improving the aesthetics of a building rendering is also helpful in:

  • Protection from dampness: Exposed walls are liable to damp leading to several problems. When a waterproof render is added to the wall a protective layer is in place. It is advisable at this stage to consult an expert before you rectify the problem yourself.
  • Improved insulation: When you combine external insulation with rendering you not only reduce your electricity bills but also save on costs which you would have otherwise spent on adding an insulating

In case, you want to paint the renders remember the rendering must be completely dry before painting or moisture will get sealed in and cause problems in future. Therefore, it is best to leave such repairs in the able hands of professionals.


Painting when done well by Delta Rope Access London using the best techniques and by professionals not only brightens and beautifies the exterior but also ensures that the building remains in good condition for a long time. It also increases the value of the property. While painting by yourself is fun it is not practical and definitely not safe when you do not have the right equipment to reach all the nooks and crooks at the highest points in the building. Professionals like us have staff who are trained in abseiling to reach any height and do the job efficiently and neatly.


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