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Be more energy efficient – glazing reduces electricity bills

The fascination with glass as a building material is like a love story that never ends. It is one of the oldest and most versatile materials used in construction. Over the years, glass has evolved tremendously and today forms a major role in all construction projects.

What makes glass is alluring is its adaptability and ability to transmit light which makes it highly versatile as it can be used in closed structures both in the interior and exterior seamlessly. The use of glass in doors and windows is called glazing.

There are three types of glazing that are commonly used with double glazing been the most popular and cost-effective. The classification is based on the number of glass panes used.

  • Single glazing
  • Double glazing
  • Triple glazing.

Double Glazing

It is a process where two glass panes are sealed together with air trapped between them to act as an insulating layer.

The need of the hour is energy efficient homes. The Government is bringing in various rules and regulations to encourage people to adopt more environmentally friendly material and save energy and counter the rising costs. Double Glazed windows and doors can improve the energy efficiency of a building while significantly reducing the energy costs.

Benefits of Double Glazing

Other benefits include:

  • It reduces noise significantly
  • It prevents loss of heat from within the house thus keeps you warm in winter
  • They improve the aesthetic value of the house
  • The safety of the premises is also increased when the toughened glass is used.

What kind of glass is used for glazing?

Low E or low emissivity glass is used for glazing as it has a transparent metal coating that reflects heat back into the room while allowing the sunlight to pass through without hindrance.

The amount of heat that a double glazed window transfers is measured in U. A Low value U means that the glass is more efficient and has better insulating properties.

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