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Why is Cladding essential for building safety

Cladding is a protective external layer applied to existing walls. The right cladding can completely transform your exterior and increase the kerb appeal. Cladding is important not only for aesthetic purposes but also to improve insulation, provide protection from elements of nature and protect interior walls from water damage. A wide range of materials can be used as cladding: Composite materials like aluminum, wood, blend of cement, brick, vinyl, polystyrene, and lesser known wheat and straw fibers.


The safety of a building is dependent not only on the material used but also on the method of cladding. Great care has to be taken for laying cladding around windows and doors and other unusually shaped structures. Poorly laid cladding will lead to moisture seeping into the walls of the building and damaging them.

Types of materials

There are several materials to choose from but they must be noncombustible and adhere to all building regulations to prevent any fire hazards.

  • Masonry is used for a natural earthy look but it is heavy and sometimes you will not get the correct shade for repair
  • Metal is used because it is durable, versatile and low maintenance in addition to being available in a wide variety of colors. Its drawback is that it tends to dent and installation charges are normally high
  • Composite is the best choice for a building they are durable, lightweight and energy efficient but on the flipside, they are expensive and their durability depends on the materials used in the composite
  • Finally, wood is one of the oldest, most durable and eco friendly cladding used for its rustic charm and its insulating properties. Wood is prone to water and insect damage and requires regular maintenance.

Removal of defective cladding

It is paramount that you remove defective cladding before any disaster strikes.  This work requires knowledge and the right technology to prevent any impact to the main structure. We are glad to state that we have the expertise required in the field; we use advanced Rope Access Pulley Systems and Harken 500 winch to reach all parts of the building and remove cladding with great care.

To know more about the various wall cladding services and those associated with property maintenance you can contact us for an estimate.


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