Abseil Building Maintenance London

Abseil Building Maintenance London

Rope access building maintenance is a cost effective, safe, and efficient way of accessing difficult areas of a tall construction for inspection, maintenance and cleaning purposes. Usually such buildings have rails pre installed from which rope access can be attached. Anchor points are also used to attach ropes to and operatives are generally secured to a couple of points as a safety back up in case one point fails.

Why Choose Us

Delta Rope Access London provides a comprehensive suite of services to clients requiring high level building maintenance and repairs. They paint, repair and power clean roofs and windows, repair slates and brickwork, clean out gutters, remove algae and moss, and clear down pipes and guttering.

Installation, maintenance and repair of bird netting and spikes, can also be offered, along with banner and advertising installation. Their highly trained technicians can also be hired out by companies requiring certified operatives.

Delta Rope Access also works in collaboration with a world renowned clock maker to offer specialist cleaning and maintenance of high level clocks.

Advantages of Using Rope Access

Abseil building maintenance London is friendlier to the environment as it doesn’t involve any fuels, unlike traditional methods which also emit pollution into the atmosphere. This reduces the carbon footprint of the company, which is important to responsible companies.

Rope access is easy and quick to install and dismantle, in comparison to the traditional methods that take up road space and cause inconvenience to roads and pathways around a building. It eliminates the need for heavy equipment.

It is also a cost effective method of accessing hard to reach areas of a building as it takes fewer personnel to complete tasks and as they are highly trained and work with well maintained equipment, the process is safer for those undertaking the task as well as for pedestrians below.


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